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It's all about the Song

It's all about the Song

It's all about the Song

MFG Records Nashville announces Beth Travers' project "Late Bloomer"

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Please Order a hard copy or a flash drive directly cdbaby is down and gigs are stopped  

Thank you to the Englewood area music community! It took a village. Thank you to Nashville for the fun years of training! 

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Artist Bio

It's all about the Song

It's all about the Song


Beth Travers is an Englewood based performer and entertainer celebrating coastal living with music in Paradise! 

A multi-instrumentalist from Nashville, Beth's credits include being bassist for Ray Stevens, playing the Grand Ole Opry with Ray and with Johnny Russell, and touring & recording with numerous artists. 

As a writer, Beth Travers has had songs chart internationally on multiple artists. 

Beth has had songs published at Starstruck Music, Polygram Int'l, Universal and more.

 In addition to solo performances, Beth plays Trop Rock locally with the Jack Mosley Band.



As a Solo

It's all about the Song

As a Solo

As a Solo Performer, Beth covers songs by artists including Jimmy Buffett, Jason Mraz, Stevie Nicks, Uncle Kracker, Eagles, Sheryl Crow, Carol King, Andy Grammer, Emmylou Harris, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, Moody Blues, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, Jack Mosley, Dobie Gray, Otis Redding, Black Crows, Melanie, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Beegees, Stones, CCR, (Merle, Garth, Patsy Cline) Nazareth, Everlys, and more... leaning towards Coastal Americana!


Beth's unique vocal sound is enhanced by her skillful wordplay and creative melodies. 

Songs like "Late Bloomer" and "Mercury's Rising" celebrate her love of humor & light-hearted 

beach-grooves .  


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